The development concept of the former Badayevsky warehouses territory

Area: 29.3 ha
St. Petersburg, 2016

Diploma of the festival "Zodchestvo"

The project demonstrates the application of the principle of preserving the gray belt's unique environment in the conditions of new multifunctional development.

The uniqueness of urban gray belt fabric is formed not only by architectural monuments, but also by a characteristic infrastructure. The infrastructure framework of the territory of Badayevsky warehouses is an extensive network of railway tracks - it is transformed into a landscaped public space, a linear park that preserves the memory of the place and provides the connection of the territory with the environment.

The projected residential development is a quarterly, same-scale to historical residential development of the area. A new pedestrian axis to the Novodevichy Convent was also organized.

The social and business multifunctional complex is expressed by the local dominant and forms a new center of the area.