"Petersburg Style of the 21st Century" contest by St. Petersburg's Urban Planning Architecture Committee. Concept of development of the former Powder warehouses.

Area: 49 ha
St. Petersburg, 2016

I place

The project is based on the analysis of St. Petersburg's urban fabric, on the search and reinterpretation of urban planning principles and compositional and spatial patterns, including their application in the pilot territories.

The competitive project of the territory planning of Powder warehouses (Rzhevka-Powder warehouses) involves a dense development of small and medium storeys, creating a full-fledged urban environment that is co-dimensioned to a human-being.
The main compositional technique is building complex spatial relationships and creating a system of channels and architectural dominants.
The result is a narratively rich space, a variety of architectural mise-en-scènes, and a permeable, living environment.