Rotating triumphal arch

Saint-Petersburg, Nikolsky market

The paper project of the rotating triumphal arch was materialized in the courtyard of the Nikolsky market, in the heart of the district of Kolomna, deep in St. Petersburg.
The idea of the project is, first of all, the author's reflection on the reality where there is nothing permanent and even the most sacred object easily changes direction.

In the Nikolsky market, the concept was revealed in a new way. The arch has become central among the endless arcades of the courtyard, becoming a symbol of future changes and of the new public space's search for its place in the cultural landscape of the city, without losing its own identity.
Now the triumphal arch is a carousel for kids. It is so popular that it is spinning nonstop all day long. An object with a height of almost 5 meters can be easily turned by any child, he or she can even take their parents for a ride.

The appearance of the arch emphasizes its contextuality. The image of the arch of the Nikolsky market is reinterpreted in the arch's proportions, graphics, tectonics, and texture. Wood, being a natural material, articulates the importance of careful attitude to the space of an architectural monument.
The main material of the arch is 50mm × 50mm timber. Easy and smooth rotation is provided by a pivot mechanism with a diameter of 650 mm welded to a metal base.