The gardens, the three squares, the fountain…

Area: 15900 m2
Kazan, Russia 2021

Competitive project for the III Tatarstan Architecture Biennale. Kazan.
1st prize

The theme of the Biennale is "Office space of the future".
The office space of the future, as we understand it, is part of a diverse, interesting and lively urban environment, saturated to the contrary with different activities, plots and meanings.

The design site is part of the Old Tatar Sloboda. The project expresses in architectural language what is felt in Kazan and its inhabitants - a deep historical memory, inner freedom and dignity.
It was important for us to refer to the origins of Tatar, Bulgarian culture and history, while remaining within the typical Volga city - charmingly cozy.

Building of the new quarter is characterized by a rigid axial structure, designed to solve three main objectives: to spatially organize the complex environment of the quarter with mixed, very different functions, to arrange the front of Galiaskar Kamal Street, to provide a full, interesting urban space, corresponding in quality and the richness of the environment with the old city center.

The new development is built on two main axes, defined by G. Kamal and Moskovskaya Streets. At the intersection of these axes a whole system of internal chamber squares is formed: the small town piazza with a fountain, Bath Square in the heart of the quarter, and Market Square - the agora in front of the existing market building. The squares are connected by pedestrian intra-block boulevards with residential galleries, green gardens, and terraces.

"The Startup Garden", the center of the block, is a cluster for small projects, bureaus, or workshops. It is a perimeter development consisting of compact three-story volumes - houses that young teams can rent in their entirety. The buildings are organized in such a way as to form small semi-private courtyards - gardens.
From the intra-block boulevards, the gardens create the effect of curdoneras, small green squares, which is emphasized by their picturesque arrangement.

Bath Square is the heart of the block and its main attraction. Underneath the square is the bathing complex - a system of steam rooms and halls with swimming pools, organised on the principle of the Red Chamber, a legendary example of Tatar architecture from the 14th century. The baths are public, divided into man and woman halves with a large common room. The baths have glazed caps that intriguingly glow in the evening and at night. The domes of the baths deform the square, turning it into a plastic, cobbled surface. The planting of large trees in the square is made possible by the height difference. The entrance to the foyer of the bathing complex is provided from a ground pavilion on the square and a lift for disabled visitors is also available.