Competition "Horizon". Public and administrative campus on the roof of building B on the territory of Sevcable Port.

Saint-Petersburg, Sevcable Port, 2019

II place

The main idea of the project:

Houses on the roof. It was important for us to rethink the function of the administrative and office complex in such a way that it would fit into the life scenario of the democratic space of Sevcable Port. We also tried to create a memorable image and a calm, Nordic silhouette.
The main material— engineered wood structures—tectonically corresponds to the concrete volume of the industrial building, creating a calm balanced combination that meets the sensation of place. In addition, wood in the superstructure highlights the experimental, innovative and responsible nature of the new urban space.

The campus consists of:

— three buildings of 1000 m2, each of which can be rented out in its entirety. Thus, a potential tenant has a unique opportunity to rent a house on the roof with its own internal communications and small semi-private courtyards with views of the water and the city. The buildings can also be rented out in blocked volumes of 500 m2;

— the transition bridge between the public and office/administrative clusters where the coworking is located;

— the large area of 2000 m2 with all-season event space, restaurant and exhibition space;

— open public space with a promenade overlooking the Gulf of Finland.