Sky Cinema

Competitive project of a beach cinema.
Area: 250 m2
Cyprus, Greece, 2018

I place

The project of the beach cinema was created as part of an architectural competition for small architectural objects to be implemented on the public beach of Geroskipou in Cyprus. The competition was organized by Geroskipou Municipality and the Cyprus school of Architecture (CYSOA).

The main image of the project is poetic cinema, its best examples are akin to dreams. The film takes place somewhere in the heavens, like a dream, while the screen becomes a canopy, a material projection of the imagination. Its thin openwork fabric stands between the viewer and the starry infinity.

The design is simple and elegant: there are three beams, three rings; the one on the top is fixed on the beams, the other two are suspended on it and stretched to the ground by cables. The screen is a semi-transparent fabric canopy draped over the rings. The motifs of traditional Cypriot lace are reinterpreted in the pattern of the fabric.